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Safecraft Safety Equipment is used by most of the top professionals in motorsports, automotive, aviation, marine and other demanding industries. We are known for our innovative designs and our products are engineered with the highest quality components available. Safecraft is the largest manufacturer of vehicle fire suppression systems in the United States and the most trusted name in motorsports for over 20 years.

Our systems are installed in over 25,000 NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA Off-Road and NASA vehicles and our extinguishing agents are approved to SFI 17.1, the industry standard for the quality assurance of specialty performance and racing equipment.

Whether you prefer a manual, automatic or manual & automatic system, the same quality, innovation and design race professionals rely on is also used for Safecraft Fire Suppression Systems customized for marine craft, aircraft, machine tool and industrial vehicles.

Trust and select the quality of Safecraft for all of your fire suppression needs.

Industries We Serve



Safecraft offers a wide range of systems to cover every type of racing. Whether you need a manual, thermal or an electrically-activated system, we have both standard and SFI-certified systems to meet your needs.



There are several ways to design an extinguisher system for aircraft. Whether you decide to install a system, or just keep a portable extinguisher handy, Safecraft can supply you with the equipment you need.



Many professional and “weekend-only” boaters prefer an automatic system in the engine compartment. A Safecraft system can protect you and your watercraft even when it’s on the trailer or stored for the winter.



Safecraft offers various fire extinguisher systems that are available with several extinguishing agents and customized temperature settings to suit specific applications for the CNC machine tools and materials handling industries.

Safecraft Is an Industry Favorite!

Safecraft is the only manufacturer to offer 4 models of extinguishers and several different extinguishing agents approved to SFI* 17.1   Many of our systems use 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid – highly effective and leaves no residue.  Safecraft’s innovative and proven thermal sensor provides state-of-the-art protection without driver activation—heat automatically activates the sensor to trigger strategically placed nozzles.  Safecraft systems have been installed in over 25,000 NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA Off-Road and NASA vehicles and NEW to the market — Safecraft’s UTV Fire Suppression System.

All hardware kits are engineered for our customers’ quick and easy installation. Visit our Installation & Specs page.

*The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for the quality assurance of specialty performance and racing equipment.